It’s time!

Fundbase is a cloud-based platform to ultimately host the complete investment process for high-conviction investments such as alternative investments. It allows the global alternative investor community to make step changes in efficiency, security and investment performance. Based on technology that is better than most in the financial industry Fundbase will act as a blueprint for the future of finance.

Fundbase is delivering to qualified investors a seamlessly integrated platform to discover, execute and monitor complex investments such as hedge funds, private equity and other high-conviction investments. It builds on trusted real world connections between validated investors and fund managers utilizing latest technologies. It is accessible for free with the firm goal to positively disrupt the current investment process’ efficiency, economics and performance.

Alternatives are the asset class of the next decade – and yet unbelievable inefficient and hard to access. The following are the key problems investors face today:

  • Investors into alternative assets face high costs and risks of access in a decentralized and non-standardized industry
  • No consolidated database for investment data exists, leaving investors with the task to spend significant resources to find, integrate and automate data collection and analysis
  • Typical service providers to investors such as banks, fund administrators or prime brokers have not solved any of the issues themselves yet but are in fact delivering the results of it directly to investors: wrong data, delayed processes and miscalculated valuations
  • In a very decentralized market, smaller investment managers don’t find their audience and vice versa
2013 Feels like
1984 for investors.
It’s time. Fundbase.

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