Media release, Pfaeffikon SZ (Switzerland), 15 October 2014


~ A New Frontier For Investment Management  ~

Fundbase, which opened its gates to predominantly Swiss clients one month ago, announces already hundreds of users including some of Switzerland’s most sophisticated investors. This platform caters to the needs of a global user base and will now step-by-step focus on qualified investors in the European Union and the USA.

Airbnb For Alternative Investments – A New Approach

Similar in its ease of use to platforms such as Airbnb, Fundbase allows investors to find and follow investments they are interested in and that might have been hidden or inaccessible in the past. Alternative professionals find built-in analytics tools as well as build watch lists and collaborate in a team centered on investments. All this done through a beautiful and efficient user interface.

Key Accomplishments after one month:

  • Registered over 400 qualified investors
  • Handled hundreds of relationships between investors and hedge funds
  • Launched a unique marketing channel for fund distributors

Client Feedback:

“I signed in, am using it right now, very nice and efficient, will continue to monitor your amazing product.”– Head of Hedge Fund operations, Family Office, Geneva

“Definitely the best tool I’ve seen in this industry!” – Hedge Fund analyst multi Family Office, Zurich

“How can I get all my funds listed on Fundbase?” – Hedge Fund Manager, Zurich

About Fundbase

As the first and only information platform for alternative investments, Fundbase meets all regulatory requirements in order to serve as an information and exchange platform for qualified investors from Switzerland, the European Union and the United States of America. The bottom line and starting point of Fundbase is an innovative ‘legal grid’ that sets controls on which investments qualified investors in the different countries are allowed to access. The platform is operated by Fundbase Holding AG, a start-up company founded by a group of alternative industry and technology entrepreneurs in 2013. It currently employs 20 people at its head office in Pfaeffikon (Switzerland) and at its branches in New York and Bratislava. Fundbase has an Advisory Board overseeing the development of the business: Zak Mandhro, Senior Partner Technology Manager at Google San Francisco, Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich, Dr. Marcel van Lohuizen, Tech Lead Manager at Google Switzerland GmbH, Daniel Sauer, Head of Operation, Risk & Systems at a Swiss based Single Family Office and Heiner Schellenberg, member of the board of directors of Proseba (Schweiz) AG.

PDF: Fundbase-SuccessfulStart-MediaRelease_EN

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