What do Airbnb and Fundbase have in common?

In order to unveil the secret behind a successful company one needs to ask: What problem does it solve? Airbnb connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. With the use of technology Airbnb brings people together that didn’t even know the other existed before.

So what does Fundbase have in common with Airbnb? More than you would think. They don’t offer similar products but they solve similar market problems:

Complex structures and processes, along with limited access to basic information, have traditionally made it difficult for many institutional investors to effectively benefit from the opportunities provided by alternative investments. This has been a major stumbling block for institutions such as pension funds, family offices and other qualified investors. Similar in its ease of use to platforms such as Airbnb, Fundbase uses cutting-edge technologies to help investors find and follow investments they are interested in. Fundbase offers qualified investors a fully integrated web-based platform as a single source of information on alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity investments, as well as a tool for executing and monitoring investments. Alternative professionals find built-in analytics tools, can build personalized watch lists and collaborate in a team centered on an investment. All this done through a beautiful and efficient user interface. And this is only the beginning.

Get ready. Go Fundbase!

Visit us at fundbase.com

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