Sophisticated hedge fund analytics on the fly!

Institutional grade analytics, statistics and beautiful charts

Analytics on Fundbase is a powerful and easy-to-use feature to analyze and compare funds. By using the latest in technology, our calculations are done on the fly and based on “live” hedge fund data while results are available within a blink of an eye. Our simple fund-level Analytics cover a comprehensive set of Absolute Return & Risk figures, Risk-Adjusted statistics, and Correlation & Regression figures – all completed with simple but appealing graphs. Analytics is part of our free product offering, so you can use it without any upgrade obligations.

new analysis

Choose from a range of indices as benchmarks or select a peer fund to run the Analytics against. Generate key figures, statistics, and beautiful graphs by the push of a button.

Here is how simple it is:

  • Take any fund and click on Analysis
  • Select a start and end date
  • Choose a benchmark
  • Run it …

Results are shown immediately and you can switch between the different Analysis by clicking on title in the grey header bar.


You want the results in a normalised pdf report per fund / analysis? – Click. Done.

fund report

More to come:
As powerful as our Analytics already are, we are not done yet. Stay tuned for more institutional grade tools to make professional hedge fund investing (almost) a kid’s game.

Try Fundbase Analytics for FREE Today!

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