Use Notes for Simple Collaboration

Notes on Fundbase are an easy way to collaborate within your team. Notes can be added to any fund and are then visible to your organization or just for you. Follow these 3 simple steps to effectively collaborate using Fundbase Notes.

1. Create a new note on the fund details page

  • Take any connected fund and go to the fund details page
  • Switch to the Notes tab to see if there were already Notes added

Note Tab









  • The left side shows existing Notes while, once a note was selected, on the right side you will see the note details and any added comments
  • Simply click on New Note …

2. Add your content and upload documents

  • ¬†Adding a new note is really simple
    1. Select a type
    2. Fill in the type-specific fields
    3. Give it a subject and add your content
    4. Drop files as needed
    5. Define who should see this note
    6. Give it a go …

New Note

  • Once your note is added you can change or delete it at any time

3. Your organization gets informed and can respond

  • And here’s the bodacious part, your organization will be notified immediately about the new note (given that you selected Organization in the step before)
  • Colleagues will receive a notification in their Notification Hub with a direct link to your new note (given that a user did not deactivate those notifications)

Notification Hub

  • Your organization has now the chance to add their comments and reply to your note. And of course, you will be notified on any comment that was added!

Important to know

Your Notes are save and never shared with anybody outside your organization. And it’s of course not visible for the fund manager either. Notes were designed to share information and any working results easier within your team and to offer a simple but powerful tool to consolidate all your data into one secure place.

Notes are part of our free product offering, so you can use them without any upgrade obligations. Customizable note types are on our roadmap and will be available soon. In the meantime we would love to hear what note types would reflect your daily work – we’re more than happy to extend the current set of types on the fly …

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