Fundbase Opens to Qualified U.S. Investors

Powerful cloud-based platform expands to include access to U.S. hedge funds

New York – December 9, 2014 –, the fully integrated, cloud-based platform that facilitates the complete investment process for hedge funds, is now available to qualified U.S. investors. The platform enables the global alternative investor community to boost efficiency, security and access to potential investments. Fundbase first opened to Swiss and European clients three months ago and has already gained hundreds of qualified investors and has now expanded to the U.S. market with complimentary access to its basic version for qualified investors.

Alternative investments are the asset class of the next decade. Unfortunately they remain difficult to access due to many factors, including:

  • There is no consolidated database for investment and price data for alternative investment products. Interested investors are forced to collect, integrate, continuously update and analyze the relevant data from unconnected sources, tying up significant financial and human resources.
  • Banks, fund administrators and brokers may provide inaccurate data, misaligned valuations and delayed information. These service providers face the same challenges, making it more difficult for clients to collect data and causing unnecessary delays in critical investment decisions.
  • High marketing costs and complex regulatory requirements often constraining smaller providers. These obstacles make it difficult for smaller providers of alternative investments to find their audience, and vice versa.

Utilizing the latest technologies, Fundbase is the new blueprint for the future of finance. Fundbase reduces cost and complexity, provides access to a global network of professional peer, and helps investors unlock hidden performance in this fast growing $3 trillion dollar AUM industry. Fundbase has already attracted numerous prominent clients, including some top family offices, fund of funds, and other leading investors. It gives these investors free access to reference data on several hundred alternative investment products. It also allows alternative products to be directly compared with conventional investments such as equities or bonds. Platform users have a vast range of functions at their disposal, many of them at no charge, including: simple filtering functions, customized watch lists, fund-level analytics and an automated modular factsheet generator. Users can connect to fund provi ders directly and gain access to reference data, final prices and key documents for each investment product. Enhanced functionality and individual investment data on the classes and series level are available to existing hedge fund investors on a subscription basis. Going forward, investors on Fundbase can interact with each other, with anonymity guaranteed, and share information such as the results of their due diligence processes.

As the first information platform for alternative investments, Fundbase meets all current regulatory requirements in order to serve as an information platform for qualified investors from Switzerland, the European Union and the U.S. The innovative Fundbase ‘legal grid’ sets controls on which investments qualified investors in the different countries are allowed to access. In other cases, Fundbase incorporates a reverse solicitation mechanism whereby, in order to gain access, investors have to raise an explicit connection request to receive fund information which is also in accordance with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

About Fundbase
The platform is operated by Fundbase Holding AG, a start-up company founded by a group of alternative industry and technology entrepreneurs in 2013. It currently employs 20 people at its head office in Pfaeffikon (Switzerland) and at its branches in New York and Bratislava. Fundbase has a well-mixed Advisory Board overseeing the development of the business: Zak Mandhro, Senior Partner Technology Manager at Google San Francisco, Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich, Dr. Marcel van Lohuizen, Tech Lead Manager at Google Switzerland GmbH, Daniel Sauer, Head of Operation, Risk & Systems at a Swiss based Single Family Office and Heiner Schellenberg, member of the board of directors of Proseba (Schweiz) AG.

For media inquiries contact: Mitch Ackles; Hedge Fund PR; 646.657.9230;

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