Special Christmas Gift

Looks like you’ve been good this year because you are about to get a very special gift for Christmas.

Gift_final copy
With your free Fundbase account you get:
  • Analytics on the fly – Our simple fund-level Analytics cover a comprehensive set of Absolute Return & Risk figures, Risk-Adjusted statistics, and Correlation & Regression figures – all completed with simple but appealing graphs.
  • Hedge Fund Concierge – Not finding any or incomplete information about a hedge fund? Or recently met an interesting manager you want to follow, put on a watchlist or receive documents and write your own notes all in one tool? Let us do the hunting and collection for you!
  • Unique Collaboration Tools – Notes on Fundbase are an easy way to collaborate within your team. Notes can be added to any fund and are then visible either just for you or your whole organization. Notes are a simple but powerful tool to consolidate all your data into one secure place.
  • Powerful Reports – Our modular reporting tool ensures that you always have everything you need with you – online and offline. Create a normalized factsheet on a hedge fund with 2 clicks. Preparing for a meeting was never that easy.

Visit us at fundbase.com

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