The Right Way to Connect with Swiss Investors

Switzerland has the 3rd biggest community of qualified investors in the world. Foreign funds are looking for an easy and compliant access. Fundbase offers a unique solution to the market by combining two things:

  • A specialized regulated distributor and representative in Switzerland which truly caters to the needs of alternative funds who want to access sophisticated investors in a fully compliant way. Learn fore about Fundbase Fund Services
  • The first Swiss-regulated global cutting-edge platform to radically improve efficiency of discovering, assessing, and investing into alternatives. Learn more about
With our specialization in hedge funds, we can help you with all regulatory aspects. Choosing Fundbase Fund Services as your fund representative in Switzerland means you will be able to actively market your funds directly to qualified investors with limited restrictions. Besides our vast network, we operate the world’s first regulated independent web based buy side platform ( for the hedge fund industry, with billions of qualified investors assets represented. (read more)
Besides our strong offline network, our innovative platform offers unique ways to access the market of qualified investors. Our Investment Channels are a unique way for fund managers to present and offer their best investment opportunities and to get exposure. Like a profile on a professional social network the Investment Channel is branded and can be used to communicate with a network of followers.
A fund manager can not only use his Investment Channel to communicate and disseminate relevant investment content with his existing distribution list but also gain exposure and grow the network – we do the work. Based on the profile of a qualified investor and his peer’s interests, our matching algorithm calculates a relevance score and presents the most relevant Investment Channels to every investor. To find out more about Investment Channels and how they work, click here.

Visit us at

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