Tap almost 50% of Europe’s alternative assets with a fraction of the effort

The Alternative Investment Fund Directive (AIFMD) is a European legislation aimed to harmonize regulation of alternative investment fund managers. AIFMD has far reaching business impacts.

Let’s face it: AIFMD is no longer a distant set of requirements subject to ongoing negotiation. The European Commission’s detailed ‘Level 2 Regulation’ has settled the rules for compliance with this new, game-changing regulatory regime. The provision include, risk management, depositary, compensation and prudential capital requirements.

But there is a problem: The EU market is de facto closed for alternatives or only accessible via separate European investment structure or cumbersome country-by-country applications.

There is however a catch: 50% of alternative assets allocated in Europe are done outside of the EU, namely in Switzerland.

Untitled 3
Access to Switzerland is very simple. Foreign fund managers only need to appoint a Swiss representative and paying agent by 1st of March 2015 to continue to talk to grown up (a.k.a. qualified) investors.
That’s how easy it is. Investors are increasing their allocation into alternatives and Switzerland is open for business. Secure yourself a seat in the front row:


+41 44 586 00 45 / fundservices@fundbase.com

We are specialized in alternatives, we speak hedge funds!

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