Call for managers – Are you an outstanding alternative fund with capacity?

Ground Breaking Product Launch for Alternative Investors

Together with investors and strategic partners we launch a product (Q2 2015) that will change how alternatives are being invested in. Forever. Qualified Investors will get a level of value, service, transparency and access unseen in the industry. We have been working for that moment for a long time. And we know investors have been waiting. We are excited!


Call for the best managersWe are advanced with preparations for managers to be included at launch of our revolutionary product. And now we want to complement the roster with a handpicked set of outstanding managers.
What we offer managers
  • Stand out from the mass and get direct access to qualified investors in the US, in Europe, and in Switzerland
  • Fundbase is a new kind of exposure engine working for you
    Online through our ground breaking new product on our platform that engages qualified alternative investors globally
    Offline with the most senior and efficient alternative sales force in the industry
  • We match you to interested investors and organise meetings and roundtables
  • Consider your compliance challenges handled by us. We got you covered
Do you have what it takes?
  • You belong to the best, you are specialized in what you do and you have proven that
  • You are regulated in your home country and you have capacity for allocations
  • You are out of the pits, i.e. you are already managing a fund at a certain level of AuM and you have some notable investors
  • You have significant “skin in the game” and risk your own shirt by investing significantly in your fund
  • You give transparency so we and our partners can verify the basics of your story, fund and management company
On top of that, you are fast. As we get ready to launch our investible shelf soon we are offering this only to a limited number of managers.
That’s exciting, I want to learn more!
+41 44 586 05 70 /
Visit us at

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