Investment Channels Now Open To The Public

After 6 long months the Fundbase team has perfected the pairing of funds to investors. This took a lot of work and was only possible due to feedback from our 20 beta testing channel managers. As a show of appreciation to all beta testers, we’ve credited your accounts with 10 free introductions.

Given that Fundbase has well over a 1,000 engaged qualified users, we’re confident in our ability to introduce the right investors to the right funds. In just six months we’ve facilitated more than 1,100 introductions between qualified investors and fund managers. ​Millions were raised from these introductions.

Our goal is simple. Help managers find interesting investors and help investors find interesting funds. This is concisely reflected in our new pricing model.

CHF 99 per Introduction.
No Setup Costs.
No Other Fees.
That’s it.

How much does a capital introduction cost you today? If you’re interested in setting up a no risk investment channel, reply directly to this email or give us a call at +41 44 586 02 09.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

Visit us at

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