Launching Online Subscriptions and Portfolio Management

We here at Fundbase are pleased to announce our upcoming launch of the Investible Shelf in combination with our Portfolios public BETA version.

The features enable investors to directly subscribe online into funds that are part of our Acceleration Program on Fundbase and actively manage their invested portfolios in addition to their existing watch lists.  The exciting features will be introduced in our webinar on September 8th EST 8.30-9.30am / CET 2.30-3.30pm.

Email us directly at, if you are interested in joining!
Feedback We Received from our BETA Users
Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook, said “The Fundbase platform eliminates the tedious, manual steps commonly required to discover, analyze and subscribe into a fund. We are very enthusiastic about the use of this solution going forward.” 

Join our community and discover new, global alternative investment opportunities.

We will keep you posted.

Your Fundbase Team

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