Big Announcement for September 22nd!

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Ladies & Gents

We here at Fundbase decided to go bigger and better!

We are  pleased to announce that we have moved the upcoming launch of the Investible Shelf in combination with our Portfolios Public BETA version to September 22nd.

From September 22nd, world class Hedge Funds are becoming directly investible through Fundbase and can be tracked and managed  with our Portfolio tool.

We are also proud to announce 2 official partnerships with industry leading providers in the Hedge Fund space.

Due to these occurrences the webinar date changed to September 22nd EST 8.30 – 9.30am / CET 2.30 – 3.30pm.

For those of you who already registered, we will send out invitations with the official access link to the webinar shortly.

For the others who are interested to sign up, just reply with your name and company name to

Feedback We Received from our BETA Users

Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook, said “The Fundbase platform eliminates the tedious, manual steps commonly required to discover, analyze and subscribe into a fund. We are very enthusiastic about the use of this solution going forward.” Join our community and discover new, global alternative investment opportunities.

We will keep you posted.

Your Fundbase Team

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