Fundbase Forms Groundbreaking Partnership with the Alpha Pages

Fundbase x Finalternatives

Finalternatives announced their ground breaking partnership with Fundbase, a Fintech start-up based in New York yesterday. 


The Alpha Pages (TAP) announced their partnership with Fundbase on Monday. The financial content publisher will provide TAP subscribers with the ability to research hedge funds and their managers by embedding Fundbase links into their articles.

TAP subscribers can register on Fundbase for free and cannot only discover, but also connect and invest into funds through Fundbase’s investment facilitation tools.

Fundbase’s reverse-solicitation process can easily connect investors with fund managers in a compliant way. The Investible Shelf, allows for online subscription into a Hedge Fund that is part of Fundbase’s steadily growing Acceleration Program. Lastly, Fundbase is making progress on the development of the company’s portfolio tool, which provides a way to track the current performance, observe and model multiple investment opportunities in one place.

The partnership between TAP and Fundbase launched on The Alpha Pages flagship institutional website FINalternatives, which is known as one of the largest alternative investment and private equity news publisher worldwide. 

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