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Fundbase stands tall as a survey conducted by @SwissFintech announces the top 30 Fintech start-up’s in Switzerland. 

The article here: Top 30 Swiss Fintech Start-up’s written and conducted by @SwissFintech elaborates on the strength that Switzerland has to the race of being one of the most innovative  Fintech countries. Switzerland’s strong data protection laws, tax regime and political neutrality prove to be extremely attractive to foreign organizations and start-up’s in particular.

Although this article continues on to say that Switzerland is lagging behind compare to cities like New York and Berlin due to low governmental support, Fundbase has taken it upon themselves to compete with the best in the Fintech industry by operating in areas around the world.

Thanks to their smart technology and great financial initiatives to the leaders in the investment and wealth management space, Fundbase claimed its position among the best in the Fintech scene.

You can see the full list of The top 30 Swiss Fintech Start-up’s here

Author Ashton Du Plessis.

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