Swisscom Ranks Fundbase In Top Fintech Start – up’s List



Swisscom a major telecommunications service provider in Switzerland, was asked to comprise a list of the top 10 Fintech start-ups. Right near the top of their list was no other than Fundbase. 

It is quoted that Swisscom chose their list of most innovative & successful Fintech start-ups in regards to these key factors: A management team that was both experienced yet open to innovation & business development, a business model that had been tried and tested and finally, an organization that had created sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnerships that lead to an ever growing customer base. 

Now, as a large organization these so called “conditions” to being on Swisscom’s  list might seem easy to abide by when your product is established and your brand is emprinted, but for a Fintech start up Swisscom’s orders were tall. With this being said, Fundbase swiftly made its way amongst the leaders in the Fintech scene by ticking all the boxes that Swisscom had mentioned. A reliable & innovative management team, fruitful partnerships and a flourishing customer base. 

Fundbase was found amongst other Fintech stand outs like: Crowdhouse, Bexia, Loanboox & Contovista. 

Check out Swisscom’s Top 10 Fintech Start up list here:





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