Fundbase’s Michael Appenzeller gives his insights on Alpha at the 2017 Opalesque Roundable in Zurich

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Fundbase’s Co – Founder Michael Appenzeller recently took part at the 2017 Opalesque Zurich Roundtable as a guest speaker. The topic – Alpha!
Download the Full Opalesque Rountable article with insights from industry leaders like Fundbase, Amplitude Capital, Zürcher Kantonalbank & Vontobel here:
Until recently, a hedge fund’s total return was understood as beta plus alpha, but now actually part of the alpha can be described as alternative beta – market neutral factors that you can create in a systematic fashion. So now we have beta plus alternative beta (or alternative risk premia) plus alpha.
The proliferation of these risk premia strategies over the past couple of years has led to a commoditization of the space, and access to these return sources for institutional investors has much improved. 
To continue reading the article follow the link below:

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