Exciting times ahead for Fundbase!

2 important announcements:

1) Fundbase has been asked to enter into the HFM US Technology Awards. ” The Awards recognize and reward hedge fund technology providers, as well as firms with technology heavy solutions and products that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months.”

2) We are also proud to announce that we have been included in the IFZ Fintech study. This study is compiled for the elite Fintech sector in order to gain a better understanding of its market. We are very pleased to be apart of this study, and hope our data is seen as useful in progressing the Fintech sector.

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Fundbase Forms Groundbreaking Partnership with the Alpha Pages

Fundbase x Finalternatives

Finalternatives announced their ground breaking partnership with Fundbase, a Fintech start-up based in New York yesterday. 


The Alpha Pages (TAP) announced their partnership with Fundbase on Monday. The financial content publisher will provide TAP subscribers with the ability to research hedge funds and their managers by embedding Fundbase links into their articles.

TAP subscribers can register on Fundbase for free and cannot only discover, but also connect and invest into funds through Fundbase’s investment facilitation tools.

Fundbase’s reverse-solicitation process can easily connect investors with fund managers in a compliant way. The Investible Shelf, allows for online subscription into a Hedge Fund that is part of Fundbase’s steadily growing Acceleration Program. Lastly, Fundbase is making progress on the development of the company’s portfolio tool, which provides a way to track the current performance, observe and model multiple investment opportunities in one place.

The partnership between TAP and Fundbase launched on The Alpha Pages flagship institutional website FINalternatives, which is known as one of the largest alternative investment and private equity news publisher worldwide. 

Fundbase Makes Hedge Funds Investable Online

NEW YORK, September 22, 2015 – On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015, Fundbase has brought a step-change to hedge fund investing by making hedge funds investable online and releasing a first version of its portfolio management tool.

On their one year anniversary, Fundbase, the world’s most engaged alternative investment community, has made its first batch of hedge funds investable online. Its rapidly growing community of +2,000 investors has already connected thousands of times to the community of +11,000 hedge fund managers.

Fundbase has released two new features, which complement its existing suit of tools for discovering, analyzing and connecting with hedge funds. This comprehensive suite of functionality allows investors to facilitate the entire investment lifecycle within one modern application.

The Investable Shelf is the place on Fundbase where hedge funds are investable online. On top of full online subscriptions and complementary independent 3rd party verification on the funds, Fundbase handles the complete subscription administration for global hedge funds and investors. Online investable Funds on Fundbase show transparency on notable investors, have their investment minimums reduced and no fees on top. Fundbase expects that each month at least 5-10 new funds will become directly investable on Fundbase.

“Every investable fund on Fundbase will be verified by CastleHall Alternatives our independent Due Diligence partner.” said Anthony Capone, CEO at Fundbase. “This trusted 3rd party assessment is made free of charge to all investors in the Fundbase community. Our model is quite simple. We make hedge funds seamlessly investable online for all accredited investors without any additional fees and with complete transparency.”

The Portfolio Tool allows investors to model their online investments in one place with their existing hedge fund positions and watch lists, helping them to track overall portfolio performance and model potential future investments. This tool marks another key step in Fundbase’ plan to bring the complete investment value chain online for everybody.

This morning the company will host a webinar, where these online investable funds and their terms will be discussed in great detail. Registration for this webinar can be done at JoinFundbaseWebinar.

About Fundbase

Fundbase (www.fundbase.com) has developed a modern approach to asset allocation. After launching in September 2014 as a Swiss regulated Broker Dealer, Fundbase focused on building a compliant community of active fund managers and investors. In the 12 months since launching, Fundbase has grown to over 2,000 qualified active users and over 11,000 hedge funds. More than 2,000 introductions have been made between qualified investors and managers directly on the Fundbase platform.

Media Contact: Sandro Zweig; 917-868-5485; media@fundbase.com

Big Announcement for September 22nd!

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Ladies & Gents

We here at Fundbase decided to go bigger and better!

We are  pleased to announce that we have moved the upcoming launch of the Investible Shelf in combination with our Portfolios Public BETA version to September 22nd.

From September 22nd, world class Hedge Funds are becoming directly investible through Fundbase and can be tracked and managed  with our Portfolio tool.

We are also proud to announce 2 official partnerships with industry leading providers in the Hedge Fund space.

Due to these occurrences the webinar date changed to September 22nd EST 8.30 – 9.30am / CET 2.30 – 3.30pm.

For those of you who already registered, we will send out invitations with the official access link to the webinar shortly.

For the others who are interested to sign up, just reply with your name and company name to info@fundbase.com.

Feedback We Received from our BETA Users

Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook, said “The Fundbase platform eliminates the tedious, manual steps commonly required to discover, analyze and subscribe into a fund. We are very enthusiastic about the use of this solution going forward.” Join our community and discover new, global alternative investment opportunities.

We will keep you posted.

Your Fundbase Team

Launching Online Subscriptions and Portfolio Management

We here at Fundbase are pleased to announce our upcoming launch of the Investible Shelf in combination with our Portfolios public BETA version.

The features enable investors to directly subscribe online into funds that are part of our Acceleration Program on Fundbase and actively manage their invested portfolios in addition to their existing watch lists.  The exciting features will be introduced in our webinar on September 8th EST 8.30-9.30am / CET 2.30-3.30pm.

Email us directly at info@fundbase.com, if you are interested in joining!
Feedback We Received from our BETA Users
Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook, said “The Fundbase platform eliminates the tedious, manual steps commonly required to discover, analyze and subscribe into a fund. We are very enthusiastic about the use of this solution going forward.” 

Join our community and discover new, global alternative investment opportunities.

We will keep you posted.

Your Fundbase Team

Deadlines Coming Up!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 09.46.43
This is a friendly reminder that due to the revised Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA) and  the Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance (CISO), foreign asset managers need to be represented by an authorized Swiss representative and paying agent already since March 2015. The documents need to be amended by 31st August latest in order to prohibit further proceedings by FINMA.
(see Art. 158a to 158e CISA, Art. 144c para. 5 CISO)Why this is important

FINMA’s enforcement activities report in 2014 shows that FINMA became very active and concluded a total of 1,358 investigations. Click here to see the full report. The ending of the transition period will reveal non-compliant foreign funds.

What you need

Compliant access to Switzerland is very simple. Foreign fund managers only need to appoint a Swiss representative and a paying agent to continue to approach qualified investors in Switzerland.

Still looking for a Swiss Representative?Choosing Fundbase as your representative in Switzerland means you will be able to actively market your funds directly to qualified investors with limited restrictions. From the onset, we will continually help you with all regulatory aspects as your trusted partner.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly and give us a call at +41 55 417 57 55. Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

3 Spots Left – Acceleration Program

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications for the Acceleration Program, we can only consider three more applicants this month. Don’t miss out and take your fund to the next level.The Fundbase Acceleration Program is designed to take managers from emerging to emerged. We take care of marketing, distribution, representation and subscription. By granting your Fund both online and offline access to the thousand high quality, engaged investors on the Fundbase platform, you’ll grow to the next level. In a sentence, Fundbase is a revolutionary capital allocator, specifically focused on the alternatives industry.
How it works
  • Specify the type and location of the investors you’re looking for.
  • Design an Asset Raising Plan (ARP) with your dedicated account manager.
  • Promote to over 1,000 active qualified investors on the new investable shelf.
  • Accept introductions from qualified investors through the platform.
  • Meet with interested parties in person as facilitated by your account manager.
  • Accept investments through online subscriptions from vetted investors.
 What you get
  • Two investor facing events per year.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Tailored Asset Raising Plan.
  • Access to the extensive and highly engaged Fundbase investor community.
  • Full legal coverage to actively distribute in Switzerland, UK and the United States (more locations are added on a regular basis)
What it costs
  • Monthly membership fee from $250*

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.45.51

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions, or give us a call at +41 44 586 05 70.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

*Fee determined by size of fund and existing representation in Switzerland.