Fundbase – A Modern Investors Tool

Opalesque recently sat down with Michael Appenzeller, the Co-Founder of Fundbase  to discuss how Fundbase has been able to demand its presence as the world’s largest online marketplace for hedge funds.

There is a disruption in the investor part of the world of hedge funds, coming from platforms that can replace traditionally-run search and analysis. Here is one of them.” – Benedicte Gravrand, Opalesque Geneva 

Fundbase is a cloud-based platform that aids investors with the entire investment process.From searching,connecting, & monitoring funds, all the way through to investing into them with tax-free & compliant structures.

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Swisscom Ranks Fundbase In Top Fintech Start – up’s List



Swisscom a major telecommunications service provider in Switzerland, was asked to comprise a list of the top 10 Fintech start-ups. Right near the top of their list was no other than Fundbase. 

It is quoted that Swisscom chose their list of most innovative & successful Fintech start-ups in regards to these key factors: A management team that was both experienced yet open to innovation & business development, a business model that had been tried and tested and finally, an organization that had created sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnerships that lead to an ever growing customer base. 

Now, as a large organization these so called “conditions” to being on Swisscom’s  list might seem easy to abide by when your product is established and your brand is emprinted, but for a Fintech start up Swisscom’s orders were tall. With this being said, Fundbase swiftly made its way amongst the leaders in the Fintech scene by ticking all the boxes that Swisscom had mentioned. A reliable & innovative management team, fruitful partnerships and a flourishing customer base. 

Fundbase was found amongst other Fintech stand outs like: Crowdhouse, Bexia, Loanboox & Contovista. 

Check out Swisscom’s Top 10 Fintech Start up list here:





Fundbase Alpha- Hedge Fund Investing. Done Better

If you’re an investment professional and you haven’t heard about Fundbase Alpha, then you should check it out NOW!

Fundbase Alpha is the world’s largest online market place for hedge funds. With over 10 000 funds to choose from your investment opportunities are endless.

To learn how Fundbase Alpha  is revolutionizing the hedge fund industry whilst guiding sophisticated investors through the entire investment process, check out the video below.

Why not sign up to Fundbase Alpha and experience it for yourself.  

A Fundbase specialist is waiting to hear from you. If you wish to schedule a demo you can contact us at

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Fundbase stands tall as a survey conducted by @SwissFintech announces the top 30 Fintech start-up’s in Switzerland. 

The article here: Top 30 Swiss Fintech Start-up’s written and conducted by @SwissFintech elaborates on the strength that Switzerland has to the race of being one of the most innovative  Fintech countries. Switzerland’s strong data protection laws, tax regime and political neutrality prove to be extremely attractive to foreign organizations and start-up’s in particular.

Although this article continues on to say that Switzerland is lagging behind compare to cities like New York and Berlin due to low governmental support, Fundbase has taken it upon themselves to compete with the best in the Fintech industry by operating in areas around the world.

Thanks to their smart technology and great financial initiatives to the leaders in the investment and wealth management space, Fundbase claimed its position among the best in the Fintech scene.

You can see the full list of The top 30 Swiss Fintech Start-up’s here

Author Ashton Du Plessis.

Fundbase. The Solution For Wealth Management leaders.


This article written by Fintech Switzerland proves why platforms like Fundbase, your end to end investment solution provides the leaders in wealth management with a complete solution to their technology adoption needs.

Not only does Fundbase focus on technology adoption we also remember the key elements that wealth managers and investors look for in the modern financial world.

With a balance between technology and key financial elements, Fundbase ensures your financial success.

Check out Fundbase here and decide for yourself.

Author: Ashton Du Plessis.

Fundbase Rejuvenates in Vienna

Fundbase’s community may not be aware of the vast demographics of our employees.

With nationalities ranging from American to Swiss to South African, you may stop and wonder how do so many diverse nationalities get together to make a comprehensive Fintech organization so successful?

At Fundbase we believe that embracing a cultural mix is vital to success in such a creative and innovative environment. Making sure that the workforce you manage is aligned with your corporate strategy, but at the same time happy and working toward the best version of themselves is without a doubt part of our success.


Fundbase recently launched its new comprehensive online investment platform: Fundbase Alpha. This product really man’s up to its name so to say! Our new end to end investment platform is an upgrade from its previous version simply called “Fundbase.” Fundbase Alpha was made possible with the hard work of our dedicated array of employees who worked tirelessly to present a great tool to the investment industry.


Things were busy at Fundbase over the last few months and the team really had to work together to craft Fundbase Alpha into what it is today. Nonetheless, hard work never goes unnoticed. Fundbase Alpha has received great feedback, and the Fintech industry is rejuvenated by a tool that will aid investors and managers alike to facilitate their needs of investment as well as investment management all under one roof. With some of the hard work for Fundbase Alpha complete, management decided that it would be a good idea for Fundbase to come together and refocus after a period of hard work and achievement. It is always difficult to gather a team that is scattered around the world but nonetheless, we made time to gather some, but not all of the employees for much needed downtime.


Some Fundbase team members got together in Vienna to explore this beautiful city and enjoy a few laughs together. The team enjoyed a day visiting Vienna by foot and by bicycle to ensure that everything of this beautiful city was seen. As seen in the pictures, this mild summers day began with the Fundbase team relaxing in Prater Park, home to the  Ernst-Happel-Stadion (Austria’s national stadium).














Our “Happiness Manager” arranged for the group to tour Vienna’s historical attractions on nostalgic bicycles. Of course, in classic Fundbase style, this included various stops for refreshment throughout Vienna.


There is no doubt that after sight-seeing on two wheels the team had cycled up quite the appetite. The team was treated to a few drinks and a hearty meal at Skopik & Lohn situated in Wien. Here the group laughed and reminisced on the day’s activities.

Screenshot (340).png

Overall it was a great trip for everyone involved as the team got to refocus as well as get to spend some well-deserved time relaxing. For now, it’s back to the grind to ensure that your needs are always met.

In true Austrian fashion. Servus!