Big Announcement for September 22nd!

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Ladies & Gents

We here at Fundbase decided to go bigger and better!

We are  pleased to announce that we have moved the upcoming launch of the Investible Shelf in combination with our Portfolios Public BETA version to September 22nd.

From September 22nd, world class Hedge Funds are becoming directly investible through Fundbase and can be tracked and managed  with our Portfolio tool.

We are also proud to announce 2 official partnerships with industry leading providers in the Hedge Fund space.

Due to these occurrences the webinar date changed to September 22nd EST 8.30 – 9.30am / CET 2.30 – 3.30pm.

For those of you who already registered, we will send out invitations with the official access link to the webinar shortly.

For the others who are interested to sign up, just reply with your name and company name to

Feedback We Received from our BETA Users

Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook, said “The Fundbase platform eliminates the tedious, manual steps commonly required to discover, analyze and subscribe into a fund. We are very enthusiastic about the use of this solution going forward.” Join our community and discover new, global alternative investment opportunities.

We will keep you posted.

Your Fundbase Team

3 Spots Left – Acceleration Program

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications for the Acceleration Program, we can only consider three more applicants this month. Don’t miss out and take your fund to the next level.The Fundbase Acceleration Program is designed to take managers from emerging to emerged. We take care of marketing, distribution, representation and subscription. By granting your Fund both online and offline access to the thousand high quality, engaged investors on the Fundbase platform, you’ll grow to the next level. In a sentence, Fundbase is a revolutionary capital allocator, specifically focused on the alternatives industry.
How it works
  • Specify the type and location of the investors you’re looking for.
  • Design an Asset Raising Plan (ARP) with your dedicated account manager.
  • Promote to over 1,000 active qualified investors on the new investable shelf.
  • Accept introductions from qualified investors through the platform.
  • Meet with interested parties in person as facilitated by your account manager.
  • Accept investments through online subscriptions from vetted investors.
 What you get
  • Two investor facing events per year.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Tailored Asset Raising Plan.
  • Access to the extensive and highly engaged Fundbase investor community.
  • Full legal coverage to actively distribute in Switzerland, UK and the United States (more locations are added on a regular basis)
What it costs
  • Monthly membership fee from $250*

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Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions, or give us a call at +41 44 586 05 70.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

*Fee determined by size of fund and existing representation in Switzerland.

We Just Grew Your Network – You’re Welcome!

Peer Exchange Made Simple

We implemented a new innovative communication feature on our platform. Did you ever want to know what your peers think about the fund you are evaluating?

Exchange Investment Ideas

Coordinate Due Diligence Efforts

Discuss Concerns 

and much more

Use Fundbase and anonymously approach your network of relevant professional peers, globally. Our platform acts as a broker of requests and responses on a personal 1:1 basis. Once both parties agree to reveal their identities we make the connection and you can start a fruitful exchange.

Peer Exchange on Fundbase is simple, fast and anonymous. No identities are revealed before both parties agree. Join our fast growing community of qualified investors today and try it out!

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions about our platform, or give us a call at +41 44 586 05 70.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

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Investment Channels Now Open To The Public

After 6 long months the Fundbase team has perfected the pairing of funds to investors. This took a lot of work and was only possible due to feedback from our 20 beta testing channel managers. As a show of appreciation to all beta testers, we’ve credited your accounts with 10 free introductions.

Given that Fundbase has well over a 1,000 engaged qualified users, we’re confident in our ability to introduce the right investors to the right funds. In just six months we’ve facilitated more than 1,100 introductions between qualified investors and fund managers. ​Millions were raised from these introductions.

Our goal is simple. Help managers find interesting investors and help investors find interesting funds. This is concisely reflected in our new pricing model.

CHF 99 per Introduction.
No Setup Costs.
No Other Fees.
That’s it.

How much does a capital introduction cost you today? If you’re interested in setting up a no risk investment channel, reply directly to this email or give us a call at +41 44 586 02 09.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,

Your Fundbase Team

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Managers can now directly contact interested investors

Premium managers, who have been granted an “Investment Channel” on Fundbase, can now actively and directly engage their followers. Investment Channels are only available to those exclusive Managers, chosen by the Fundbase Investment Committee.


If you’re a channel manager, click here to learn how to contact interested investors.

If you’re not a channel manager, and think you should be, simply reply to this email and apply.
Our Investment Channels are a unique way for fund managers to present and offer their best investment opportunities and to get exposure. To find out more about Investment Channels and how they work, click here.
Enjoy the rest of your day. Be happy,Your Fundbase Team

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Call for managers – Are you an outstanding alternative fund with capacity?

Ground Breaking Product Launch for Alternative Investors

Together with investors and strategic partners we launch a product (Q2 2015) that will change how alternatives are being invested in. Forever. Qualified Investors will get a level of value, service, transparency and access unseen in the industry. We have been working for that moment for a long time. And we know investors have been waiting. We are excited!


Call for the best managersWe are advanced with preparations for managers to be included at launch of our revolutionary product. And now we want to complement the roster with a handpicked set of outstanding managers.
What we offer managers
  • Stand out from the mass and get direct access to qualified investors in the US, in Europe, and in Switzerland
  • Fundbase is a new kind of exposure engine working for you
    Online through our ground breaking new product on our platform that engages qualified alternative investors globally
    Offline with the most senior and efficient alternative sales force in the industry
  • We match you to interested investors and organise meetings and roundtables
  • Consider your compliance challenges handled by us. We got you covered
Do you have what it takes?
  • You belong to the best, you are specialized in what you do and you have proven that
  • You are regulated in your home country and you have capacity for allocations
  • You are out of the pits, i.e. you are already managing a fund at a certain level of AuM and you have some notable investors
  • You have significant “skin in the game” and risk your own shirt by investing significantly in your fund
  • You give transparency so we and our partners can verify the basics of your story, fund and management company
On top of that, you are fast. As we get ready to launch our investible shelf soon we are offering this only to a limited number of managers.
That’s exciting, I want to learn more!
+41 44 586 05 70 /
Visit us at

Access Your New Network of Professional Peers – Globally!

Did you ever ask yourself what others know about a fund or a manager you plan to invest in? Have you ever thought about sharing due diligence efforts or results with other investors? What would you like to ask relevant peers who are already invested in a fund or plan to invest soon?

Let us know!

We are launching a new “Peer Exchange” model and value any feedback. Our feature will allow you to anonymously approach your network of relevant professional peers globally. Fundbase will broker requests and responses on a personal 1:1 basis until both parties agree to reveal their identities and start a fruitful exchange.

Besides online networking features, Fundbase also became the platform of choice to complement offline networking events such as Hedge Fund conferences. We are happy to announce our role as official networking platform of the Hedge Fund Startup Forum in New York on March 26th. Find more information on our event channel.

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A New Way to Find Your Most Relevant Investment Opportunities

Fundbase launched Investment ChannelsTM  

After their introduction in December Investment Channels were getting popular very quick. Every week new Channels are added to They are a fast, easy and smarter way to discover the most interesting and relevant investments your peers are following. Why is that important? Because some of the most promising investment ideas come from your peers and colleagues who might just know the opportunity you look for.


Fundbase gives you access to a global network of your peers and our algorithm serves you the most relevant of these investments in the simplest way possible. To find out more about Investment Channels and how they work, click here.

Channels 2

Start following some of the most relevant channels today and comfortably get updated on their investments, corporate updates etc.

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What is an Investment Channel and how does it work?

Our Investment Channels are a unique way for fund managers to present and offer their best investment opportunities and to get exposure. Like a profile on a professional social network the Investment Channel is branded and can be used to communicate with a network of followers. Our investor community consists of qualified investors only and an Investment Channel is the perfect shelf to get discovered by them.

A fund manager can not only use his Investment Channel to communicate and disseminate relevant investment content with his existing distribution list but also gain exposure and grow the network – we do the work. Based on the profile of a qualified investor and his peer’s interests, our matching algorithm calculates a relevance score and presents the most relevant Investment Channels to every investor.


With this we generate value for everybody.

  • Qualified investors discover relevant funds and fund managers
  • Fund managers get exposure towards new potential investors

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Special Christmas Gift

Looks like you’ve been good this year because you are about to get a very special gift for Christmas.

Gift_final copy
With your free Fundbase account you get:
  • Analytics on the fly – Our simple fund-level Analytics cover a comprehensive set of Absolute Return & Risk figures, Risk-Adjusted statistics, and Correlation & Regression figures – all completed with simple but appealing graphs.
  • Hedge Fund Concierge – Not finding any or incomplete information about a hedge fund? Or recently met an interesting manager you want to follow, put on a watchlist or receive documents and write your own notes all in one tool? Let us do the hunting and collection for you!
  • Unique Collaboration Tools – Notes on Fundbase are an easy way to collaborate within your team. Notes can be added to any fund and are then visible either just for you or your whole organization. Notes are a simple but powerful tool to consolidate all your data into one secure place.
  • Powerful Reports – Our modular reporting tool ensures that you always have everything you need with you – online and offline. Create a normalized factsheet on a hedge fund with 2 clicks. Preparing for a meeting was never that easy.

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