Unlock hidden performance gems without the work

Fundbase just launched Investment ChannelsTM  

Investment Channels are a fast, easy and smarter way to discover the most interesting and relevant investments your peers are following. Why is that important? Because some of the most promising investment ideas come from your peers and colleagues who might just know the opportunity you look for. Fundbase gives you access to a global network of your peers and our algorithm serves you the most relevant of these investments in the simplest way possible.


Try following  some of the most relevant channels today and comfortably get updated on their investments, corporate updates etc.


One step further in our mission to make a complex market simple.

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Modular Reports – Like a Hedge Fund Analyst in Your Pocket

Reports on Fundbase are an easy and fast way to collect all the relevant information about a fundReports can be designed modularly. You can pick and choose what should be included in your report. Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Create a new report on the fund details page

  • Take any connected fund and go to the fund details page
  • Switch to the Report tab


2. Choose your content of the report

  • Choose an Index or Fund to include as benchmark
  • Expand a section to further specify information you want to include


In general, you can choose from all information that are available in any of the fund detail tabs. But there is even more you can add or define to meet you personal needs:

Documents Summary
Documents Summary gives you a quick overview of the available documents of a fund (e.g. Manager Report, Investment Report, Financial Statement).

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 15.43.38

Delivery Quality
We believe quality is very important. That’s why we track the accuracy and timeliness of estimates and prices that a fund manager delivers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 15.44.16

Notes Selection
Using Notes on fundbase is a very efficient way to collaborate within a team. This is why we think it’s important that Notes can be included in a Report. You can even select which type of Notes and how detailed they should be included in your Report.

3. Generate the report

  • Click create report
  • wait a few seconds and your pdf report is ready

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Your Hedge Fund Concierge

You request and we deliver!

Not finding any or incomplete information about a hedge fund? Or recently met an interesting manager you want to follow, put on a watchlist or receive documents and write your own notes all in one tool? Let us do the hunting and collection for you!

Based on user feedback we recently added a new feature that allows investors to request funds that are not yet listed on our platform. If you are looking for a fund that isn’t part of our platform yet, you as an investor can easily raise a request online and our operations team will run and make the fund or manager available on Fundbase.


We are pleased to serve you! Further information about that exciting feature can be found here.

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Use Notes for Simple Collaboration

Notes on Fundbase are an easy way to collaborate within your team. Notes can be added to any fund and are then visible to your organization or just for you. Follow these 3 simple steps to effectively collaborate using Fundbase Notes.

1. Create a new note on the fund details page

  • Take any connected fund and go to the fund details page
  • Switch to the Notes tab to see if there were already Notes added

Note Tab









  • The left side shows existing Notes while, once a note was selected, on the right side you will see the note details and any added comments
  • Simply click on New Note …

2. Add your content and upload documents

  •  Adding a new note is really simple
    1. Select a type
    2. Fill in the type-specific fields
    3. Give it a subject and add your content
    4. Drop files as needed
    5. Define who should see this note
    6. Give it a go …

New Note

  • Once your note is added you can change or delete it at any time

3. Your organization gets informed and can respond

  • And here’s the bodacious part, your organization will be notified immediately about the new note (given that you selected Organization in the step before)
  • Colleagues will receive a notification in their Notification Hub with a direct link to your new note (given that a user did not deactivate those notifications)

Notification Hub

  • Your organization has now the chance to add their comments and reply to your note. And of course, you will be notified on any comment that was added!

Important to know

Your Notes are save and never shared with anybody outside your organization. And it’s of course not visible for the fund manager either. Notes were designed to share information and any working results easier within your team and to offer a simple but powerful tool to consolidate all your data into one secure place.

Notes are part of our free product offering, so you can use them without any upgrade obligations. Customizable note types are on our roadmap and will be available soon. In the meantime we would love to hear what note types would reflect your daily work – we’re more than happy to extend the current set of types on the fly …

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Bloomberg for Alternatives

State-of-the-art data management for hedge fund investors

Fundbase actively collects all relevant fund and manager documents as well as high-quality investment pricing data on classes/series level for authorized current or potential investors to monitor a portfolio and do effective risk management. The data is structured and stored in a beautiful tool with seamless analytical tools ready to put the data into perspective. Real-time notifications make sure you don’t miss anything. For premium clients Fundbase offers automated data feeds into leading portfolio accounting systems. Fundbase can be seen as the Bloomberg for Alternatives giving Investors unprecedented transparency and access to alternatives in the most user friendly way in the industry.

Fundbase is actively collecting and pre-processing hedge fund data directly from fund managers and administrators based on the investor’s required share classes and series. We actively collect further data points like exposure, often also based on investor requests. Accurate data can be feed to client systems for further aggregation and internal use using existing and/or standardized interfaces where possible. Finally, data can be made available to client’s employees on proprietary channels like an intranet and through the Fundbase tool. To guarantee superior data quality we have established a mix of six technically enforced and human quality and verification gates. Any change during setup, maintenance, and tracking of funds has a technical enforcement and is based on a 4-eye principle.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.10.06_15h49m17s_005_Our premium clients value us for key benefits such as:

  • Risk Reduction
    • Accurate 360° fund and manager data delivered from one source using secure data feeds
    • Comprehensive and transparent tracking process for timeliness and accuracy of data delivery by managers
  • Cost Efficiencies
    • Significantly lower costs compared to in-house data management capacities
    • Flexible pricing to scale with client need
  • Unique Toolbox
    • State-of-the-art platform offering a wide spectrum of collaboration features
    • Built on highest security standards while supporting mobile accessibility
  • Smart Fund Discovery
    • Smart and social tools for fund discovery and secure peer exchange
    • Simple analytics with existing portfolio

The Result: More Value at Lower Costs!

We are more than happy to prove our capabilities with a pilot setup covering first portfolio positions for FREE. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you – It’s time to Go Fundbase!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.43.35



Sophisticated hedge fund analytics on the fly!

Institutional grade analytics, statistics and beautiful charts

Analytics on Fundbase is a powerful and easy-to-use feature to analyze and compare funds. By using the latest in technology, our calculations are done on the fly and based on “live” hedge fund data while results are available within a blink of an eye. Our simple fund-level Analytics cover a comprehensive set of Absolute Return & Risk figures, Risk-Adjusted statistics, and Correlation & Regression figures – all completed with simple but appealing graphs. Analytics is part of our free product offering, so you can use it without any upgrade obligations.

new analysis

Choose from a range of indices as benchmarks or select a peer fund to run the Analytics against. Generate key figures, statistics, and beautiful graphs by the push of a button.

Here is how simple it is:

  • Take any fund and click on Analysis
  • Select a start and end date
  • Choose a benchmark
  • Run it …

Results are shown immediately and you can switch between the different Analysis by clicking on title in the grey header bar.


You want the results in a normalised pdf report per fund / analysis? – Click. Done.

fund report

More to come:
As powerful as our Analytics already are, we are not done yet. Stay tuned for more institutional grade tools to make professional hedge fund investing (almost) a kid’s game.

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