How To Capture A Manager’s “Golden Hour”

Investment professionals, managers, and traders launch hedge funds to exploit perceived price inefficiencies in any market. Good managers launch and achieve exceptional performance figures. The performance attracts attention from the media, financial professionals, and other investors. Investors then subscribe, sending money to the fund. Over time, the fund’s alpha capability dissipates for a variety of reasons, and when this happens, it’s no longer the most efficient allocation of capital. How can investors determine when the “Golden Hour” ends and it’s time to place a redemption notice?
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How Can Investors Source Alpha In An Evolving Alternative Investment Environment?

Research confirms alpha exists in hedge funds and particularly among small managers. However, sourcing quality opportunities among thousands of alternative strategies remains a time-consuming challenge, especially if done the traditional way. Using the latest academic research and technology, investors can quickly and efficiently narrow any number of funds to a manageable size, finding best-in-class solutions. Continue reading “How Can Investors Source Alpha In An Evolving Alternative Investment Environment?”